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This is an adventure Path for the Curse of the Crimson throne, an adventure path for Pathfinder. It's an updated version to reflect the additional classes, archetypes, spells, and other changes to the game from when it was first presented. It should take a character from a new 1st level adventurer, to a 17th level hero, with varying levels of intrigue, investigation and diplomacy in addition to defeating fell monsters and evil characters.

Character Creation:

All characters are built on 20 points for attributes, rather than the standard 15, to reflect your heroic destinies. You will also have 2 traits to choose from, though one of these must be from the Campaign Traits, which act as 'hooks' to get you into the action. Equipment can be chosen from the Ultimate Equipment Guide book, and each character will have 150 GP to begin with. 

Since it will happen that people will be absent, a brief description of the character's personality is requested. A paragraph or two describing where the character came from, how he got to where he is, and how he may have met and run afoul of Gadren Lamm, as a guide. 


Home Page

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